Corporate Profile

Company Name JExel Nuclear Company (a Japanese kabushiki kaisha)
Established April 13th, 2017
Equity Capital 10 million yen
Shareholders The Japan Atomic Power Company (50%)
Exelon Generation Limited (50%)
Business Description Provision of advisory services and operation and maintenance management
services to companies utilizing Japanese nuclear reactors, related designs
and technology, and marketing, developing and pursuing the licensing and
deployment of Exelon’s nuclear management system, or customized forms
Representative Director/CEO
:Atsufumi Yoshizawa
Representative Director/EVP
:Ralph Hunter
:Takahiko Hida
:Michael Pacilio
Statutory Auditor
:Yoshihiko Oishi


JExel Nuclear Company

Address 3rd floor of Mitoshiro Bldg., 1-1, Kanda-mitoshiro-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 101-0053, JAPAN
Phone number 81-3-6371-7941
Access 2 minutes walking from “Ogawa-machi” (B6 exit) of     the Shinjuku-line of Toei metropolitan subway
2 minutes walking from “Awaji-cho”(B6 exit) of the    Marunouchi-line of Tokyo Metro  
2 minutes walking from “Shin-ochanomizu” (B6 exit)    of the Chiyoda-line of Tokyo Metro
6 minutes walking from “Kanda” (North No.4 exit) of    JR line


April 13th, 2017 Established as JExel Nuclear Company